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Staying toasty for less with the AGL app

Australia may be famous for its sun, sand and surf but when our chilly winters arrive and we turn up the heat, something else rises – our energy bills.

For every summer heat wave, there are winters that can bring bitingly cold days and nights. That's when we turn our heating systems up and energy bills can rise accordingly.

Meet Simon, an AGL customer who runs an online store. Winter generally means a jump in energy costs for him but luckily, he realised he could do more than manage his account from his smartphone – he could also monitor his energy usage to help cut down on his heating costs, using  the AGL app.

Making the switch

Like many of us, Simon set aside some time in the new year to get organised – Marie Kondo’s Netflix special inspired him to downsize his wardrobe, and after some online research, he decided to switch his gas and electricity.

“I switched energy providers at the start of the year, part of my annual ritual of getting the household in shape for the year ahead. AGL offered a good deal on rates, but I think what got me across the line was the way everything on the website just worked. Someone had clearly thought about the digital experience. As someone who operates an online store, I notice things like that.”

After signing up online and opting into e-Billing, digital native Simon headed straight for the app store to download the AGL app.

“I was particularly keen to try the app, which had something like a five-star rating. Honestly, my expectations weren’t high after using similar apps from other companies. But almost straight away, I could see how useful it was.”

“I can do most of what I need to through the app, basic account stuff that 10 years ago would have had me waiting on hold on the phone or standing in a queue at the post office.”

The power is in your hands

Simon’s not alone – as 24/7 service becomes the norm, many of us are embracing the flexibility and efficiency that comes with going digital. After all, who wants to sit down in front of a stack of paper bills when you could take care of everything through the convenience of your smartphone?

As well as managing his account and connecting in real-time via chat if he has questions, Simon uses the app to check his account balance and make quick and easy payments from anywhere.

“One thing I love is that once you’ve set up your payment details, you can pay your bill with one touch. No need to enter credit card details each time. It’s just really easy.”

Usage at a glance

Simon is looking for ways to stay warm without breaking the bank. Thanks to his digital smart meter, he can measure his home energy usage each day using the app’s daily tracking functionality.

“Basically, you can see how much energy you’re using each day, and how much you’re spending. And because it’s updated daily, you can see how something like having the heater on all day impacts your bill compared to having it on for just two hours a day.”

The app also offers the ability to set usage alerts to avoid surprises on your bill, no matter how frosty the winter mornings might get.

Reducing the cost of staying cosy

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes, but doing a bit of investigating when it comes to your energy usage can help save you more on your bills.

Could you keep your curtains closed to reduce heat loss through your windows? Is wrapping yourself up in a cosy throw blanket an alternative to turning the heat up five extra degrees? Everyone’s home is different, which is why it pays to experiment with what works best for you – like Simon did.

“When it’s cold, I’ve started to run little tests – like instead of heating my whole flat, I’ll heat one room and keep the doors closed. Or sometimes I’ll set the heater temperature slightly lower and wear a beanie, and see how that’s reflected in the usage information. It’s true what they say—the little things make a difference.”

Staying on top of your usage – and bills – doesn’t have to drain your time or energy. Going digital with online services like My Account, eBilling and the AGL app help streamline otherwise manual tasks, allowing you to keep an eye on how you use your energy, no matter where you are.

“If people are with AGL and haven’t tried the app yet, or signed up for eBilling, I’d encourage them to give it a go. It’s one of the things that drew me to AGL and so far I’m really happy. Now I just need to get through winter.”

It's easier with the AGL app

Message us, pay your bills with the tap of a button, manage your account, or view your usage, all in one place.

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