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A beginner’s guide to 5G mobile

The 5G mobile network is the place to turn for a speedy connection. But what exactly is 5G and why should you get hooked up?

The next generation of connectivity is here. But what is 5G mobile, how can it make your life better and how can you connect your devices?

Life is all about connectivity. And you need all the speed and reliability you can get when streaming your favourite shows on a long commute, scrolling through socials, having important video calls on the go and making your house a smart home. The 5G mobile network is the place to turn for that speedy connection you crave. But what exactly is 5G, and why is it such a good idea to get hooked up to it?

Get up to speed on this exciting tech – and see how you can get involved.

First things first: what is 5G?

5G is short for ‘fifth-generation’ wireless for mobile and internet services. It’s the latest version of the network technology, following the 3G and 4G that most of us have used for years on our smartphones and tablets.

5G made its debut in Australia, and many other countries around the world, back in 2019. Since then, service providers and the government have worked on building the necessary infrastructure to make it easier for more people to access it.

What are the benefits of 5G?

There are plenty of great benefits to 5G that can help you in both your personal and professional lives. They include:

Faster downloads. The speed of your 5G depends on where you’re using your device and who your service provider is. But regardless of location and provider, one thing you can bank on is that, at its peak, 5G is light years ahead of 4G in terms of potential download speeds – 20GBps for 5G vs 1GBps for 4G. In most cases, 5G is at least 10 times faster than 4G – that can be a huge difference when you’re gaming, video chatting, working or streaming.

Lower latency. Latency is how long it takes for your device to send information and then receive it back – the round-trip time. Latency is lag measured in milliseconds, which might make it sound like no big deal. But when it comes to streaming videos, getting serious about your gaming or next-gen tech such as self-driving cars, it can make a huge difference. And if it can do that for bigger equipment, imagine what it can do for your phone or tablet. According to Choice, 5G improves latency from 4G’s 45 milliseconds to just 1 millisecond. That means even quicker trips on the information superhighway.

More capacity. When too many people try to connect to a network, it can cause that network to become clogged and slow. 5G makes that issue much less likely, as it was created to allow more users to connect without impacting speed or reliability. So, even as more people start using 5G via their smartphones or other smart devices, the network shouldn’t slow down.

Can you get 5G mobile connectivity in Australia?

Yes, you absolutely can get 5G mobile connectivity here in Australia.

Much like our record-smashing uptake of solar power in recent years, Australia has also become a world leader in 5G coverage. The combined network coverage of all service providers across the country supplies 5G potential to 89% of Australia, according to the GSMA Mobile Connectivity Index.

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There’s been a significant increase in 5G infrastructure since the network’s debut on our shores in 2019. And 5G coverage and infrastructure are set to continue improving across Australia with more and more investment.

According to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, initiatives such as the Regional Connectivity Program, NSW Regional Digital Connectivity Program and Connecting Victoria are all aimed at spreading the technology into more rural areas.

How can you connect to 5G mobile quickly and easily?

We already power thousands of Australian homes and businesses with solar power, electricity and gas.

But did you know we can also help you stay connected to your friends, family and the world around you with super-fast 5G mobile connectivity?

AGL 5G mobile SIM plans can help hook you up to Australia’s Fastest 5G Mobile Network for download speeds according to OpenSignal 2022.

Our 5G mobile is powered by the Optus Mobile Network, and you can check your coverage here. It works on any unlocked phone that’s 5G compatible and accepts a multi-fit SIM card.

That means you can use the power of 5G mobile if you have an iPhone 12 or later, or a more recent model of Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, that’s not tied to a specific carrier. Plans include unlimited standard national calls and texts and no lock-in contracts.

We also have 4G mobile plans if that suits you and your device better. And if you’re already a customer, you can choose from convenient bundle plans that save you money on your mobile service, while streamlining your monthly payments.

Feel like a 5G-enabled handset upgrade? As a customer, you can also access discounts on e-gift cards from tech giants like Apple or JB-Hi Fi to help you save. See the great offers available at AGL Rewards.

Power up with Australia's fastest 5G mobile network

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