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Manage your energy when and where it suits you

Technology today means we can manage most things instantly from any device – and your energy is no different.

Time is on my side, so said the Rolling Stones in 1964. Fast forward to the new millennium and we wait for nothing and nobody nowadays. Fast, seamless, interconnected service is becoming critical in today’s world.

We’re busy people. We work long hours and juggle multiple family, sports and social commitments – not to mention those pesky household chores. Thanks to increased connectivity, we can now shop online, research almost anything and multitask our way through life with swipes, waves, pin codes and apps.

These days, we can manage our busy lives with the help of technology and great service. And that’s why AGL long-time customers, Karen and Gerald, choose us.

Karen says she and Gerald have “always” been with AGL (20 years, in fact). They’ve had no reason to switch – their experience has been “effortless, easy and we’ve had no issues”.

Karen and Gerald have embraced technology and recently switched to direct debit payments.

“We’re now on direct debit with AGL, so we just get an email letting us know when the money will be deducted from our account,” she says. “It makes our lives so much easier.”

Keeping up with her kids and grandchildren, while also being a proud member of the St. Kilda Football Club ‘Angels’, Karen has plenty of commitments that keep her busy. She loves being an AGL customer because we help make life simpler and offer great customer service.

Help and support to suit everyone

We know not everyone wants to pick up the phone and call us, so there are many ways you can find support and access your account information.

We have a large, online Help and Support section on our website. You can find important information about your bill, making payments, financial assistance, moving house or what to do during an emergency outage.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, you can message us via My Account or our website chat function. We can help you check your account balance, query bills and even organise your electricity or gas connections, which is helpful if you happen to be in a different time zone or prefer to do life admin late at night.

The AGL app is another handy tool that gives access to your account information, literally from the palm of your hand. You can pay bills on the go, review past bills, chat to the team via messaging function, track daily electricity usage by kWh or dollar amount if you have a digital smart meter, and set usage alerts to avoid surprises – no matter the time of day or day of the week. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

We also have a great forum called Neighbourhood where over 35,000 people have joined and contributed to thousands of conversations, helping answer more than 600 questions in the last couple of years for a myriad of energy-related topics. We’d guess the answer you seek has likely been asked before. There are some interesting conversations you can join to share experiences with and learn from like-minded customers.

Reach out, we’re here to help.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, app or Neighbourhood, there’s other ways you can reach us for help and support.

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