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AGL Loy Yang supplies approximately 30% of Victoria's power requirements.

AGL Energy Limited owns and operates AGL Loy Yang, which comprises the 2,210 megawatt Loy Yang A power station and the adjacent Loy Yang coal mine. The AGL Loy Yang site is located in the Latrobe Valley, 165 kilometres south east of Melbourne. AGL Loy Yang directly employs about 600 people and supplies approximately 30 percent of Victoria's power requirements.

AGL Loy Yang uses steam to make electricity at its Loy Yang A power station. Loy Yang A operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has four turbo-generators with a combined generation capacity of 2,210 megawatts. The Loy Yang A power station uses brown coal - supplied exclusively by the adjacent open cut mine that is also owned and operated by AGL - as the fuel source to generate electricity. AGL Loy Yang’s mine has an annual output of approximately 30 million tonnes of coal. This coal is supplied to the Loy Yang A power station and the neighbouring Loy Yang B power station. Huge electric powered bucket wheel dredgers, 50 metres high and 190 metres long, are used to excavate the open cut mine. The dredgers can dig 4,000 tonnes an hour, or more than one tonne per second. The coal is transported by conveyor belt to an 80,000 tonne capacity bunker. Coal is transported directly by conveyor belt from the bunker to the power stations.

How coal-fired electricity works

Coal-fired electricity is generated by burning coal to boil water and produce high-pressure jets of steam. This high-pressure steam is used to turn turbine blades that are connected to a generator. The generator produces the electricity, which is then supplied to customers that deliver it to end users via a transmission network across Victoria.

Energy Efficiency

At AGL, the drive to provide Australia with more efficient forms of energy is considered critical in both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving productivity. We know too that in an environment of rising energy costs and a carbon constrained future, efficient energy use is increasingly important to our customers. With both these factors in mind we have been enthusiastically involved in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program, a Federal Government initiative to promote energy efficiency measures in businesses using large amounts of energy.

Community support

AGL Loy Yang offers limited financial and other support to community groups in the Latrobe Valley region under our Community Support Program. This program is administered by an employee committee at AGL Loy Yang. The committee operates within stringent criteria to ensure funds and in-kind donations are distributed to projects or initiatives that have a clear community benefit. More information about the AGL Loy Yang Community Support Program, including advice on how to apply for funding, is available by contacting Corporate Communications.




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