AGL Response to Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units

AGL Energy welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units 2022.

The importance of ACCU integrity

AGL offers carbon neutral options across all of our products - including Climate Active certified electricity, gas, mobile, internet, and both residential and commercial solar and battery products, as well as GreenPower certified electricity.

As customers become more engaged in the various types of carbon neutral products available, there is also increasing scrutiny on the detail of products that claim to be carbon neutral and/or supporting emissions reductions. At AGL, we welcome these trends and strongly support customer engagement and choice in the range of products that are available to help customers reducing their carbon footprint while also contributing to reducing emissions on a broader scale.

We recognise that although customers should have a range of choices available to them in terms of their energy supply, it is important that claims made about carbon neutral products are transparent in order for customers to make informed decisions. Carbon neutral products should therefore be generally available and priced on a reasonable basis, but also marketed and sold to customers with an appropriate level of disclosure regarding relevant details.

Within this context, AGL supports the review of ACCU integrity and hopes to see more transparency and reporting data of ACCUs as a result of this review, in line with the original objectives of the ERF and the country’s decarbonisation objectives more broadly.

A copy of AGL’s submission to the Independent Review of ACCUs is available here.