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Silverton Wind Farm



AGL Energy has approvals in place to develop the Silverton Wind Farm Project as part of AGL's commitment to build a sustainable energy future for all Australians.

AGL remains committed to Silverton Wind Farm

AGL Energy Limited (AGL) has reaffirmed its commitment to continuing development activities for the Silverton Wind Farm during a local Community Consultative Committee meeting on Thursday, 25 February.

Media Release: 26 February 2016


Silverton Wind Farm is located in the Barrier Ranges of NSW, with its south-western boundary approximately five kilometres north of Silverton and approximately 25 kilometres north-west of Broken Hill. The placement of turbines would be located over the Mundi Mundi Range in the southern portion of the site and Mount Robe Range in the northern portion of the site.

Map: Silverton Wind Farm


Silverton Wind Farm Developments has finalised and submitted a Development Application to the NSW Department of Planning, as required under Part 3A of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Subsequently, Silverton Wind Farm applied for an extension to the original Development Approval and this was granted on 11th April 2014.  

Silverton Wind Farm Developments considered the issues raised in the submissions received from the public exhibition period and prepared a Preferred Project and Submissions Report to respond to these issues.

Project and Submission Report

The Modification 3 Exhibition period was from 5-28 August 2016 and submissions were accepted until 9 September 2016.  Community drop in sessions were held at Silverton and Broken Hill on 17 August 2016. Twelve submissions were received during the exhibition period; nine from government departments and 3 from the community.

Submissions Report: Modification 3 - October 2016

Following public exhibition of the Silverton Wind Farm Environmental Assessment in 2008, the Department of Planning provided the submissions received to Silverton Wind Farm Developments to respond to the issues raised in accordance with Section 75H of the NSW Environmental and Planning Assessment Act 1979. Silverton Wind Farm Developments has considered the issues raised in the submissions and has prepared a Preferred Project and Submissions Report to respond to these issues.

This Report had a dual purpose:


Development Approval

The Minister provided Concept Approval for the Silverton Wind Farm, comprising the construction, operation and decommissioning of up to 598 wind turbines and associated infrastructure

Commonwealth Approval

On 13 May 2009, under Section 75 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Commonwealth), Stage 1 of the Silverton Wind Farm was declared to be "Not a Controlled Action".



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