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AGL offers solar energy plans for customers who have a solar PV system on their roof. Switch today to AGL's solar savers plan.

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Collect 1 flybuys point for every $1 you spend on your home energy bills. Plus switch online to collect 10,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS#.
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Manage your account when it suits you. You can monitor your energy usage, view bills, arrange your move and update your account details.
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Standard Form Contracts are also available, these are regulated contracts that have variable rates and no discounts or added benefits. To find out more about Standard Form Contracts click here.

For WA customers, a copy of the Gas Marketing Code of Conduct and Compendium of Gas Licence Conditions is available here. Other important information about the services AGL can provide will be sent in the Welcome Pack, this is also available on agl.com.au, or call 131 245

^Offers only available to eligible residential customers. Discounts apply to usage charges only (excluding the AGL Everyday energy plan), and do not apply to other charges such as supply, demand or green charges. The discount available under the AGL Everyday energy plan applies to energy usage and supply charges, and does not apply to other charges such as demand or green charges. The Double Up Discount (if listed in the Energy Plan table above) will only apply if you have both your electricity and gas accounts with AGL at time of billing. You may be notified of different discounts that will apply after this energy plan ends. AGL’s standard retail contract rates are updated periodically on agl.com.au.

If the Energy Plan table (located above) includes an online sign up credit, then this account credit will appear as a separate credit (GST exclusive) on your first AGL bill issued under this plan. If the Energy Plan table includes a Double Up Reward credit, this credit is only available when you sign up online and have both an active gas and electricity account in the same name at the same supply address. The Double Up Reward credit will be applied to your first electricity bill issued under this plan after you become eligible for the Double Up Reward. AGL may exclude accounts that have received a once-off credit in the previous 12 months from receiving additional once-off credits.

#AGL Flybuys program available until 1 October 2019 (unless extended). You must link your AGL and flybuys accounts and sign up for AGL My Account and eBilling, or otherwise receive 1 flybuys point for every $2 spent on your home energy bills. New Account Flybuys Bonus Points Offer available to residential customers who open a new AGL gas and/or electricity account online. Each flybuys membership is only eligible for one allocation of new account flybuys bonus points. Click here for full terms and eligibility criteria.

*Offers only available to eligible Victorian residential customers. To be eligible for this Energy Plan, you must agree to the following (1) Monthly billing: You will receive your bills monthly (electricity only); (2) Direct Debit: You must pay your bills by direct debit. This will apply to all gas and electricity bills on your AGL account number; (3) eBilling: You will receive your bills by email; (4) Online sign up: You must sign up for this Energy Plan online. If during the Energy Plan Period you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, or if your bill is not paid by direct debit for any other reason, we may terminate your Market Contract with 20 Business Days’ notice and place you on AGL’s Standard Retail Contract (which includes variable rates that are different from the Essentials Rates). We will write to you if this occurs. Exclusions: AGL Essentials is not available to customers on a demand tariff or where supply is unmetered, measured through a standalone bulk hot water meter or measured through a manually read interval meter.

~You are only eligible to receive one AGL Connect Bonus, such as the Amazon Echo, per supply address during any 12 month period.