This AGL Partners Plus energy plan is available as part of an ongoing market contract. The rates (supply and usage) under this energy plan will be fixed for 24 months. We may contact you before the end of your energy plan period to notify you of new rates or benefits that will apply to you. If we don't contact you, your energy plan will continue to apply for a further energy plan period. You can view AGL's Market Contract General Terms here.

AGL Partners Plus is not available to customers whose supply is unmetered, measured through a standalone bulk hot water meter or measured through a manually read interval meter.

To be eligible for this Energy Plan, you must agree to the following:

If during the Energy Plan Period you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, we may terminate your Market Contract with 20 Business Days' notice and place you on AGL's Standard Retail Contract (which includes variable rates that are different from your fixed rates). We will write to you if this occurs.

Important information about rates with usage thresholds

If your prices include different rates for different levels of energy usage, when calculating your bill, the usage thresholds are calculated by multiplying the 'per day' threshold by the number of days in the billing period. If the threshold is stated as a bi-monthly or quarterly amount, the 'per day' threshold is calculated by dividing the stated threshold by 60 or 91 days respectively.