Your customer rights

Have questions about your rights as an energy customer? You'll find your answers here.

Our customer charter and our commitments to you.

Understand your rights when it comes to issues, complaints, feedback and privacy.

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Customer charter

You can view full details of our customer charter in your contract booklet.

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Self service meter read

Submitting your own meter read allows you to avoid estimated bills. Customers who have a basic meter can provide their own meter read, then request an adjustment to an estimated bill.

More information is available on our self service meter read page.

If you’ve submitted a meter read that’s been rejected, you can request a review of our decision. More information on raising a concern or lodging a dispute can be found on our complaints page.

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Receiving energy concessions, rebates and grants

Eligible customers can receive a variety of government-funded energy concessions that we may be able to administer on behalf of the state government.

Note: The terms and conditions, the amounts and applicability of concessions, rebates and grants are subject to change by state governments and can vary from state to state.

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Applying for our Staying Connected hardship program

Staying Connected is our program to provide support to our energy customers experiencing temporary or ongoing financial difficulties. Through the program, we offer personalised assistance to help you get back on track. We tailor this help to you by developing personalised payment plans and other support.

If you’re having difficulty paying your energy bills, get in touch with our team and one of our consultants will discuss the available options.

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If we've disconnected you

If we have arranged to disconnect your gas or electricity, including for non-payment of your bill or non-identification after moving in to a new property, you have the right to request that we reconnect your supply. If you work with us to remedy the issue, we will arrange for your gas or electricity service to be reconnected. You may be charged reconnection fees.

If you can't be reconnected remotely (for example, gas services and manually read meters), technicians will need to attend your property, additional and/or after-hours reconnection fees may apply. 

For more information on reconnection timeframes, see the Market Contract Terms and Conditions or the Standard Contract Terms and Conditions. Our customer service agents will advise you further on the timing and fees applicable to your reconnection when you contact us.

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Protecting your privacy

At AGL, we’re committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, shareholders and other people who we deal with in our business.

Our energy privacy policy outlines how and when personal information is collected, stored and distributed.

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Availability of product safety information

Safety information on our products and services are available from us when you purchase appliances. This information provides you with a clear outline of any potential hazards or risks when using the appliance and how to avoid those risks.

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Service Levels

For customers based in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), we're required to meet guaranteed service levels in certain situations.

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If you’re not happy with our service or products, we want to hear about it. Learn about our dispute resolution process on our complaints page for more information.