Connecting electricity or gas to your business can be a difficult process. At AGL, we work hard to make new connections to multiple sites simpler and easier.

With AGL's Large Business New Connections Team, you will have access to a dedicated team, specially trained and skilled to handle and resolve any tasks, enquiries and issues pertaining to your new electricity and gas connections.

We can provide you with:

  • Updates via SMS and email.
  • A dedicated phone number and email address.
  • An online portal to raise new connection requests and track progress in real time.

To contact the AGL Large Business New Connections Team call us 1300 793 477.

All Relevant New Connections Forms
  • For New Connections and Additions/Alterations in VIC: EWR form
  • For Abolishment in VIC: VESI form
  • For New Connections,Additions/Alterations and Abolishments in NSW: CCEW form
  • For New Connections for Ergon: Form A
  • For Abolishment in Ergon: Ergontep Abolishment form
  • For New Connection, Additions/Alterations in Energex: a Form 2 is submitted through the Energex Web portal.
  • For Abolishment in Energex: Form 1345
  • For a Tariff change in Energex: Quesi form
  • For New Connections, Additions/Alteration and Abolishment in SAPN: Form A
  • For Tarrif change in Ausgrid: Network Tariff Application form