End to end solutions for your business energy.

The energy industry has been changing and so have the needs of large business energy users and energy retailers alike. At AGL, we’ve been going beyond selling energy by developing smarter solutions for business energy users.

Smarter energy solutions that make it easier to manage energy costs and energy consumption as well as assisting large businesses address their energy efficiency.

Additionally, with over 175 years experience in the energy industry, AGL provides expert advice, specialised services and the dedicated resources needed to operate in a changing energy market. We understand that you want to be able to sign up or get a quote with ease. For your convenience we have provided online resources below to help you do that.

Please note that these enquiries cater to large business customers in the commercial and industrial space only. If your business tends to spend less than $30,000 annually on electricity or less than $50,000 on gas please click here to sign up now.

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If your business tends to spend more than $30,000 annually on electricity then contact AGL for specialised large business products and services.
If your business tends to spend more than $50,000 annually on gas then contact AGL for specialised large business products and services.

Large Business Relocation

With AGL's Large Business Relocation Team, you will have access to a dedicated team, specially trained and skilled to handle and resolve any tasks, enquiries and issues pertaining to your new electricity and gas connections.

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Green and Renewable Energy

AGL Green Energy™ is Green Power accredited and ensures that an amount of electricity is fed into the grid from renewable generation sources such as wind, hydro, solar and biomass. AGL Green Energy™ offers your business the flexibility to choose the percentage of your electricity consumption to be matched by electricity generated from these sources. We conduct greenhouse auditing, carbon auditing, and environmental studies for all our customers.

We understand the resource and financial constraints faced by businesses in a competitive environment. We can help you reach your environmental goals without an expensive price tag.

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Commercial Solar

AGL Solar is one of Australia's leading solar power system sales and installation businesses. We partner with leading solar panel and inverter manufacturers to assure business customers of high quality equipment, expert installation, industry leading warranties and outstanding value for money.