This plan is available to small business customers, where AGL operates, who sign up to eBilling. This plan last for 12 months as part of an ongoing market contract. At the end of your energy plan period, we may notify you to let you know about new rates and benefits that apply. If we don’t contact you, your plan will continue for further 12 months. We will notify you of any changes before the energy plan end date. You’re free to change your plan at any time. No exit fee will apply if you leave this plan before the end of the energy plan period.

Rates and charges

The rates (supply, usage and demand) under this energy plan will be fixed and won’t change for 12 months. These rates will differ from AGL’s published variable rates and other fixed rates that AGL may offer from time to time (including under the same plan). Although the rates are fixed, other charges and solar feed-in tariffs may vary with notice to you. The solar feed-in tariff is subject to maximum system capacity and eligibility criteria.


By signing up to this energy plan you agree to receiving your bills and other communication from AGL via email (eBilling). For the duration of this energy plan and subsequent contracts you will receive bills and other communications from AGL to your nominated email address. If your email address becomes inactive, invalid or you change your communication preferences, we will send you a paper bill and charges may apply.