The real cost of inefficient lighting.

AGL Energy Services has completed hundreds of lighting upgrades for Australian businesses by our team of qualified electricians. In doing so, we have helped these businesses save money on their energy bills. Lighting upgrades is a cost effective measure to improve your business’ energy efficiency. Our team of specialist lighting consultants can deliver business solutions that help you reduce consumption and save on your business energy bill.

Experts in delivering Lighting Solutions

AGL Energy Services delivered a lighting upgrade solution to Kilsyth Basketball, which included upgrading the existing lighting to six basketball courts and to the entrance foyer. The project also included: a full lighting redesign to the main competition courts, supply and installation the solution, charged payment of the project over monthly installments on the electricity bill and installation with a full three year service warranty.

The project has delivered approximately 125,000 kWh in annual electricity savings, which equates to a cost saving of over $27,500 per year.

"AGL were able to achieve this outcome with minimal operational impact. Kilsyth Basketball is particularly pleased that we chose AGL to deliver to our member’s better quality lighting that costs less."

- Mark Griffiths, General Manager, Kilsyth Basketball.


Our Lighting Services

  • Commercial and industrial energy efficient lighting design for existing sites and new sites, including LED lighting.

  • Turnkey lighting upgrade projects.

  • Project management of lighting upgrade installations, including tenders.

  • Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) and Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEEC) creation to enable businesses in NSW and VIC to improve the financial return of upgrade projects, by providing a ESC/VEEC project subsidy.

On-Bill Payment Options

Existing AGL customer? You may qualify for ‘On-Bill payment’ where the cost of the upgrade may be paid over 6 -12 months on your monthly electricity bill.

If your business is considering a lighting upgrade, or to find out how you could improve your energy productivity, please complete the contact form.

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