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Hundreds of Australian businesses are already benefiting from smarter energy solutions with AGL. Could some of these be helping your organisation too?

Renewable solar options

Each year more and more organisations discover the benefits of going solar. After all, every kWh your solar system generates can directly reduce your operating costs. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, AGL makes going solar hassle free. We can also create a tailored AGL solar Smart Plan for you, including a $0 upfront option, that lets your organisation start saving immediately.

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Power Factor Correction

You may be surprised to know it’s quite common for electrical equipment to draw more energy than it can actually use. The ratio of the amount of energy actually used to the amount of energy drawn is something known as a ‘Power Factor’ – and a poor Power Factor can lead to a lot of wasted money. To prevent this from happening we can assist you with the implementation of market-leading Power Factor Correction assessment and solutions. These can help to reduce your energy demand, extend the life of your equipment, comply with regulatory codes and potentially make more power available for site expansion without the need for new switchboards and cabling.

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Specialist lighting efficiency services

Did you know efficient lighting design and management has the potential to reduce lighting energy costs by up to 80%1? It’s why speaking with an AGL lighting specialist makes a lot of sense. They’ll provide an on-site assessment of your premises, advice on the most appropriate and efficient types of lighting to use, and even help you investigate and coordinate any relevant grant funding and/or rebates you could be eligible for.

1 Savings estimated based on an office building where old inefficient dual tube fluorescent fittings are replaced with single tube fittings that produce comparable light output.

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