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Dalton Power Project

AGL Energy has withdrawn the modification application to extend the approval for two years for the proposed Dalton Power Project.

AGL has heard the Dalton community’s concerns, particularly the concerns related to the fact the original approval was provided five years ago under an outdated planning process.

In response to the Dalton community’s concerns, AGL has decided to withdraw its modification application. AGL will take a step back and conduct a search for the most suitable site for this project, which may be at Dalton or may be at an alternative site in New South Wales. Any new application that AGL makes, be it in Dalton or elsewhere in NSW, will be under the new planning approvals process and not Part 3A.

Gas-fired peaking plants can contribute significantly to the reliability of the national electricity supply system at times of highest demand, such as at the end of the working day on the hottest days in summer. These peaks can also be managed through technologies like pumped hydro and battery technology, and AGL is considering all of these options.

To provide reliability, gas-fired peaking plants are currently the lowest cost option to compliment wind and solar projects.



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