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AGL Torrens


AGL Torrens, located 18 km from Adelaide CBD, is the largest power station in South Australia and the largest natural gas fired power station in Australia.

Development and maintenance

AGL Torrens is owned and operated by AGL Energy, with a name plate capacity total of 1,280MW. The station burns natural gas in boilers to generate steam, which then drives the turbines to generate electricity. 

The gas is supplied via the SEAGas pipeline from Victoria and from Moomba in the Cooper Basin.

Construction began in 1963 following the passing of a government act vesting the land and authorising construction. ‘A’ Station, which consists of four generating units, became operational in 1967 and construction on ‘B’ Station, which also consists of four generating units, was completed in 1976.


AGL Torrens is located on Torrens Island, 18km from Adelaide’s CBD.

AGL Torrens and the environment

Torrens Island is located in the Port River estuary and surrounded by the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. This unique estuarine habitat is an important breeding ground to many native fish and bird species.

AGL Torrens operates under an SA EPA Environmental Protection license with two associated exemptions.

The power station employs approximately 180 employees, supplemented by a contractor workforce; ensuring the safe, reliable supply of electricity into the South Australian market.




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