Natural Gas from Coal Seams

Australians use natural gas every day – in our homes, businesses and communities. Natural gas from coal seams supplies over 35% of eastern Australia’s gas needs and is a safe and reliable energy source.

AGL’s Camden Gas Project, which has been safely operating since 2001, produces natural gas from coal seams, meeting approximately 5% of the gas needs of NSW.

For 180 years, AGL has gown with Australia, developing safe, sustainable and reliable energy from a range of sources. AGL has more than 1,400,000 business and residential gas customers and is confident of securing a cost-competitive gas supply for its customers. AGL is a long term contractor of gas and manages seasonal demand via its gas storage facilities.

404_254 Community 3
At AGL we're developing relationships with the local communities where we work.
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404_254 Camden community
AGL has a strong history of working with landholders to develop our gas projects.
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Hunter Project tile
AGL meets its environmental and regulatory requirements with a systematic approach.
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Gloucester Gas Project
In February 2016, AGL announced it will not proceed with the Gloucester Gas Project.
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Water Management 2
Water Portal
AGL has installed water bores that monitor water resources.
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Camden Gas Project
In February 2016, AGL announced that it will progressively decommission wells and rehabilitate sites.
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