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Newcastle Gas Storage Facility

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 An essential energy source, natural gas is supplied to more than a million industrial and commercial gas users in NSW, such as hospitals, schools, businesses and residential customers. 

The Newcastle Gas Storage Facility (NGSF) was constructed as an important link in NSW’s natural gas infrastructure, helping provide energy security and employment around the Greater Newcastle Region.

The NGSF at Tomago meets AGL's peak gas market requirements over winter and provides additional security of gas supply during supply disruption events. The NGSF includes a processing facility and Natural gas receiving station

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About the Newcastle Gas Storage Facility

The NGSF includes:

  • A processing plant that converts pipeline natural gas to liquefied natural gas (LNG) by cooling it to -162°C. It is capable of processing up to 66,500 tonnes of LNG per year.
  • An insulated, non-pressurised LNG storage tank capable of containing 30,000 tonnes or 63,000 m³ of LNG, equivalent to 1.5 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas, and an associated containment area.
  • A re-gasification unit to convert the LNG in the storage tank back into natural gas.
  • A flare stack with a height of approximately 15m to combust hydrocarbons discharged from the process.
  • A truck loading facility to allow the dispatch of up to 1,000 tankers of LNG per year.
  • Infrastructure and utility connection and an emergency access road. 

A natural gas pipeline

A 5.5 km long pipeline connects the gas storage facility to the receiving station at Hexham.

A natural gas receiving station

The receiving station located at Hexham links the NGSF into the NSW gas network via the existing Wilton-Newcastle trunk pipeline.


The NGSF is located in Tomago and Hexham, NSW. The land is large enough for ongoing operations and is appropriately buffered from residential areas. This location was selected because of its proximity to: 

  • The Wilton-Newcastle trunk line of the NSW gas network, the northern-most point that the gas network currently reaches on the NSW coast, and 
  • Gas users, including industrial customers.

The location is approximately 20 kilometres north-west of Newcastle.


Major Hazard Facility

The NGSF stores and handles very large quantities of liquefied natural gas (LNG). As the quantity of natural gas to be stored is above threshold amounts, it has been classified as a Major Hazard Facility (MHF) by the NSW Government.

To ensure that safety is managed to the highest standard, the NSW Government has introduced a regulatory framework for the control of MHFs. Under this regulatory framework, AGL is required to prepare and submit to Government a formally documented Safety Case.

AGL will demonstrate through the Safety Case the measures they have taken to minimise the likelihood of a major accident occurring. The Safety Case will also document the measures taken to minimise the consequences of any major accident in the unlikely event that it does occur.

AGL is currently preparing the Safety Case and will be consulting with the community, site neighbours and other key stakeholders during this time.

NGSF updates

Applications have closed for Community Dialogue Group

Many of AGL’s projects in NSW have Community Consultative Committees or Community Dialogue Groups.

These groups provide a forum for open dialogue between AGL and representatives of the local community, interest groups and local councils on issues directly relating to the project, as well as provide members with information on broader AGL initiatives.

Applications for the Community Dialogue Group have now closed. All members who applied can expect a notification for the Independent Chairperson, Lisa Andrews, as to whether your application was successful.

If you did not apply and are interested in being involved with the Community Dialogue Group, please contact the Independent Chairperson, Lisa Andrews at

AGL raises the roof on the Newcastle Gas Storage Facility

In an engineering spectacle, the massive dome of AGL’s Newcastle Gas Storage Facility (NGSF) tank was raised from the ground to its final height of 40 metres in a major milestone for the project at Tomago.

View full media release.



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