AGL is a leading integrated energy business that has been operating for more than 180 years and has a proud heritage of innovation.

We operate Australia’s largest private electricity generation portfolio, with a total capacity of 10,413 MW, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total generation capacity within Australia’s National Electricity Market.

We are an active participant in gas and electricity wholesale markets with 3.7 million customer accounts, including residential, small and large business and wholesale customers.

Our vision is to create sustainable energy solutions for today and tomorrow. This is an ambitious goal and having the right people with the right skills is important if we are to be successful.

It’s an extraordinary time for the energy sector. A time of complex challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

At AGL we have the scale, resources and ambition to make real the possibilities the future holds.

We’re leading the energy transformation, and to do it, we’re transforming our organisation too. We’re investing in new ideas, partnerships and infrastructure – renewing and expanding our portfolio of sources and products to make them more sustainable, reliable, affordable and useful for all Australians.

That’s what we call progress. To achieve it, we’re bringing together people with unique stories, perspectives, and talent – and we need yours too.

You’ll belong to a diverse community where every day you are encouraged to be yourself and supported to grow professionally and as a person.

At AGL, we believe progress is powered by our people. Let us empower you to make a positive difference and help bring progress to life.

Proudly Australian for more than 180 years, AGL operates a diverse generation portfolio supplying energy to 3.7 million customer accounts. We have a passionate belief in progress and a relentless determination to make things better for our communities, customers, employees, the Australian economy and our planet.

Our goal is to make energy simple, fair and transparent and we’re continuing to innovate to enhance the lives of Australians now and into the future. It’s an extraordinary time for the energy sector and we need extraordinary people to meet the challenges. We’re bringing together people with unique stories, perspectives, and talent – and we need yours too. Let us empower you to make a positive difference and together we’ll bring progress to life.

As we see it, our employees are our greatest asset.

And with ‘actions, not words’ we show it by:

  • Focusing on employee engagement to attract and retain talented employees
  • Providing a safe, healthy and secure work environment
  • Embracing and valuing diversity and inclusion

Ultimately our goal for all employees is to deliver a work environment where people have the opportunity and resources to make a meaningful contribution to the business. An environment where they are appropriately empowered to make the decision they are best placed to make, and where they are recognised for their contribution.

Focusing on employee engagement to attract and retain talented employees

AGL’s employees are critical to the delivery of our business strategies and to achieving the organisation’s vision of creating energy solutions for the communities of today and tomorrow.

In our rapidly changing energy industry, we believe that maintaining and improving employee engagement is vital to attract and retain talented employees.

Providing a safe healthy and secure work environment

AGL has adopted a broad view of workplace health and safety encompassing not only the physical safety of employees, but also the overall health of employees, including emotional and financial well-being.

Safety is of utmost importance to everything AGL does.

AGL’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy sets out our overarching objectives for HSE, and the strategies by which we will achieve those objectives. The policy applies to all employees, contractors, products and services, and joint ventures under AGL’s operational control.

A strong, risk-focused safety culture is necessary to drive improvements in safety performance.


AGL’s well-being program has delivered a range of initiatives aimed to encourage employees to make informed choices that will enhance their health and well-being. These initiatives include:

  • Physical health: annual flu vaccinations; health checks; access to an online health hub with range of information, programs and wellness tracking tools for employees; and site-based fitness initiatives including on-site yoga programs at major offices, step challenges and boot camps.
  • Emotional health: resilience training program; employee assistance services including the Employee Assistance Program (EAP); and a leader hotline.
  • Financial health: corporate discount for health insurance; corporate rates for gym memberships; and access to a financial counselling service.
Embracing and valuing diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity in the experiences, backgrounds and perspectives of our people enables us as a company to have a better understanding of our customers and to engage more genuinely in the communities in which we work.

At AGL we encourage and take pride in our diverse and inclusive workforce.

AGL’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy describes AGL’s approach to diversity and inclusion and how these attributes are promoted and embedded in AGL’s workplaces.

Gender diversity

AGL monitors gender diversity at each level of the organisation, in particular the representation of women in leadership. AGL continues to make progress towards its gender diversity target of achieving a 50% female appointment rate to the Senior Leadership Pipeline.

Flexibility at work

Flexibility is an important focus area of AGL’s diversity strategy, and flexible work is becoming an increasingly accepted way of working at AGL. Flexible working options include part-time work, job sharing, compressed working weeks, flexible start and finish times and telecommuting.

We continue to focus on flexible work, identifying the barriers and implementing initiatives to increase access to flexible work arrangements. This focus has been incorporated into our new Melbourne and Sydney offices. Both offices are fully equipped with state of the art activity based working facilities which support our new way of work, Smarter Working.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTQ+) Inclusion Strategy

During 2015 and 2016, AGL continued to implement its LGBTQ+ inclusion strategy, with the goal of achieving a more diverse and supportive workplace culture where LGBTQ+ employees feel they are able to achieve their full potential and contribute to business outcomes in a personally authentic way.

Through the strategy, AGL aims to ensure that an inclusive culture not only exists, but that it allows people to shine and that differences are celebrated.

Employee Diversity Networks

There are two active employee networks at AGL: AGL Shine (LGBTQ+ employees) and AGL Equality. These networks offer information, education and networking opportunities for employees and are managed by employee volunteers, supported by AGL’s Diversity & Inclusion function.

Join AGL and you’ll find that beyond the opportunity to grow, we offer a genuinely diverse, safe and supportive work environment that fosters a culture of achievement and friendship

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