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Smart Meters

The Benefits to You

Smart Meters are designed to give you real benefits. For example, you may be able to:

  • Monitor your electricity usage using My AGL IQ®.
  • Connect and disconnect more easily when you move.
  • Access more flexible billing and pricing options in the future.

And since Smart Meters can be read remotely, there should be no more ‘estimated bills’ due to meter readers being unable to access your property.

Smart Meters and Your Bill

Once you have had your meter upgraded to a Smart Meter you will see a number of changes on your AGL electricity bill. This information appears on the reverse side of your bill and is designed to help you gain a clearer understanding of how you use energy.

Check Your Usage Over the Past 13 Months

Under the heading "Your overall picture", you'll find a graph showing your electricity consumption for each of the past 13 months. This information is provided in a more granular fashion as you now have access to more usage data than ever before.

You may notice that some of the months are shown in lighter grey bars. This indicates an estimate of your average monthly consumption based on quarterly meter data for those periods where your basic meter was installed.

Sample consumption graph

Your Average Daily Costs

This table gives you an idea of how much it costs you each day for the different tariffs e.g. ‘Peak’ or ‘Off Peak’ that apply to the electricity you use. This information could be valuable in helping you choose when to use certain appliances and take advantage of lower rates.

Sample Average Daily Costs table2
Sample average daily cost table

Your Meter Read Details

Your reference ‘meter reads’ gives you a general idea of what your meter was showing around the beginning and end of a billing period. This should be used as a guide and may not reflect your total consumption for the billing period as your actual billed consumption is provided by your smart meter in 30-minute intervals. The consumption for which you are billed is shown separately in the ‘Your account in detail’ section.

Sample Reference Meter read table

Smart Meter Data Available Online

If you have a smart meter that is not manually read, then your energy usage is updated to My AGL IQ®, allowing you to monitor your past electricity usage online in 60 minute intervals. This means you can see how your usage changes when you turn on your TV, or use your washing machine.

We've made it easy for you to see how much energy you're using and how this translates to dollars and cents for your household. You can compare your usage with previous bill periods and to Similar Homes*. Stay in control by:

  • Tracking your energy usage.
  • If you're an electricity customer with a smart meter that is not manually read, you can use My AGL IQ® to see your bill projection.
  • Comparing your usage with Similar Homes*.

*Learn more about My AGL IQ®



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