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Our Commitments

At AGL we are very aware of our responsibility to the community and the environment as well as our customers and shareholders.

Our Promises to our Customers

The AGL Customer Charter outlines what you can expect as our customer. It is also a benchmark against which we measure our service to you. Our mutual rights and obligations are covered by your General Terms as well as specific regulations and codes.

At AGL we have four central promises that we make to all our residential and business customers:

  • We will deliver quality service
  • We will provide value for money
  • We will understand your needs and meet them
  • We will be there with the answers when you need them.

And you can be sure these are not just empty promises. We will measure our ability to deliver against them and publish the results in our annual Sustainability Report as well as here on the AGL website.

View the AGL Dispute Resolution Policy.

Our Commitment to the Environment

AGL recognises the need to balance the demand for reliable energy with a responsibility to preserve our environment. An overview of our environmental policies is available in our Sustainability Report. AGL Green Choice allows businesses to take positive action to reduce the impact of their energy usage on the environment.

Our Commitment to the Community

AGL is committed to working with the community in a number of ways.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At AGL we’re committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture.  We recognise that by valuing diversity and inclusion we’ll have a better understanding of, and engagement with, the customers we serve, our employees, and the communities in which we operate.  AGL’s Diversity & Inclusion Council oversees a comprehensive strategy to build inclusion and foster diversity in all its forms across AGL workplaces.  

In late 2014, AGL was recognised as one of the inaugural recipients of the prestigious Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation, awarded by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. This new citation supersedes the Employer of Choice for Women citation, which AGL held since 2012.

Our Commitment to Transparency with Political Donations

AGL engages with governments and policymakers about developments in the energy industry. This engagement can involve attending political functions and making political donations as part of the democratic process.

At AGL we are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in our political engagement.

Our approach to political donations is outlined in our Political Donations Policy & Procedure document. Following the revision of this policy in December 2014, any political donations we make will be:

  • made in a bipartisan manner and in compliance with all relevant reporting requirements
  • disclosed even if the donation amount is below the disclosure threshold
  • proactively disclosed every quarter to AGL’s Audit and Risk Management Committee and then subsequently published on the AGL website
  • approved by either the CEO, Company Secretary or Group Head of Corporate Affairs,
  • not made via any undisclosed proxies or third parties as intermediaries.

AGL also discloses its political donations annually in our Sustainability Report and our annual declarations are publicly available via the Australian Electoral Commission and relevant state authorities.

Disclosure of AGL’s political donations since 1 July 2014 can be found here.

Our Affordability Initiative

We acknowledge that as an essential service provider, AGL has a responsibility to ensure it provides appropriate support to vulnerable members of the community. Life changes, the unexpected can happen and energy costs can cause stress in the household budget.

Consequently, in December 2014, AGL launched its Affordability Initiative after consultation with community and consumer group leaders. Our key commitments are:

  • Improve the way we work with our customers
  • Invest $6 million over three years to support hardship customers
  • Target early intervention to support vulnerable customers
  • Support policies which enhance competition of offers
  • Improve comparability and transparency
  • Deliver clear customer choice
  • Offer direct contact for financial counsellors and community workers
  • Provide easy to find assistance.

Our commitments to provide meaningful support to our customers is being made to, and following consultation with: Brotherhood of St Laurence, Financial Counselling Australia, NSW Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Queensland Council of Social Service, St Vincent de Paul Society, Kildonan Uniting Care and South Australian Council of Social Service.





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