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Corporate Sponsorships

AGL is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. Here are just a few of the ways we are investing our time, energy and money

AGL is proudly supporting Zoos Victoria


Thanks to AGL, Zoos Victoria will now have a dedicated rescue unit for seals and marine wildlife in and around Port Phillip Bay. The AGL Marine Response Unit will be able to rapidly respond to calls from the public, giving injured seals a much better chance of recovery.

AGL will also work with Zoos Victoria to install solar PV panels at Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo.

AGL to continue to power the Tigers


AGL is proud to continue supporting the Tigers in 2015. 

After an excellent first year, we are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Richmond, and will be engaging Tiger fans with some great offers and activations during the season.

AGL is looking forward to working closely with the Club to contribute to a successful year on and off the field.


Keeping Little Audrey Skipping


In 2008, we responded to the public call asking Victorians to 'Help Audrey Skip Again'. Together with the Heritage Council of Victoria, the Melbourne Restoration Fund and public donations, AGL has helped to get our 'Skipping Girl' back into action and skipping again.

As a gift to Little Audrey in her 75th year, we're delighted to announce that AGL will provide her with a solar PV system. Which means she'll continue to provide a little ray of sunshine to the streets of Melbourne for many years to come. That's energy in action. Skipping Girl Restoration 2009.


RACQ CareFlight Rescue formerly AGL Action Rescue Helicopter


In April 2009, AGL announced its sponsorship of the Sunshine Coast Helicopter Rescue Service. Over that time the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter has been involved in more than 4000 vital rescue, medical and search missions throughout south-east and central Queensland. In July 2013 to help the helicopter service secure a much needed uplift to their funding, AGL handed over the naming rights sponsorship to RACQ. AGL is delighted to be continuing its support as a major sponsor. Queensland electricity customers will still be able to donate to the helicopter service via their bills.

This vital service completes over a thousand search and rescue missions every year and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are full-time staff on board, but it is assisted by the generosity of volunteers, including emergency doctors, nurses and paramedics as well. 


Supplying the pandas with clean, renewable solar energy


At AGL, we believe in supporting the communities we operate in and that's why we've been helping the Adelaide Zoo make the Giant Pandas, Wang Wang and Funi as comfortable as possible by providing solar power to their exhibit.

The power generated by the solar energy system helps with climate control, by contributing to the electricity used to chill the large rocks in the exhibit, power misters, lighting, panda camera surveillance, researcher's computers, as well as electricity for refrigerating the pandas’ favourite food, bamboo - they can eat up to 20 kilograms a day, each! 

Sponsorship Application

All sponsorship requests should be submitted using the Sponsorship Application Form. Please read the guidelines in the form before completing your application.



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