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AGL's Camden Gas Project has been producing natural coal seam gas since 2001. It supplies around five percent of New South Wales' gas needs, providing families and businesses with an essential energy source for cooking, heating and running hot baths and showers.

The project includes 144 gas wells - with 95 producing gas - low-pressure underground gas gathering lines and the Rosalind Park Gas Plant.

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AGL Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring Program

The 12 week fugitive methane emissions monitoring program measured the methane concentration typically experienced within and around the Camden Gas Project. In consultation with the community, 20 sites within the Camden Gas Project and five background locations were selected.  

Over the 12 week monitoring program the average methane concentration was 2.1 parts per million (ppm). This value is just above the global average of 1.8 ppm and in line with methane concentrations measured in urban areas, commonly ranging between 1.8 ppm and 3.0 ppm.

AGL Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring Program - Community report

AGL Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring Program -  Fact sheet

AGL Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring Program - Technical report (PDF 14.4 MB)

Appendix A (PDF 5.5 MB)

Appendix B (PDF 11.2 MB)

Appendix C (PDF 9.1 MB)

Appendix D (PDF 348 KB)



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